From Curious To Casting

by Avery Hart

Newcomers to the practice of witchcraft often find themselves faced with the task of sifting through an absolutely absurd amount of information.

Nobody is there to tell you where to start, what you need to build a solid foundation or how to tell heads from tails!

If you've been caught in this confusing trap then this book is for you.

From Curious To Casting will help you cut through the confusion and gain confidence in your craft. It covers everything from magical safety to spell casting, basic energy work and the additional parts of a witches practice like working with lunar magic and seasonal energies.

In 30 days you can leave your confusion behind and become confident in your spell casting. Start exploring the intricacies of your personal practice and experience the incredible things you're capable of as a witch today!

With this 30 Day Guide you:

>> Get a simple, step by step introduction to the craft

>> Start your practice with TONS of beginner-friendly spells at your fingertips

>> Learn not only HOW to practice witchcraft but also WHY what I teach works so that you can customize your craft and take your practice to the next level!

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    $11.11 / month with 14 day free trialThe Traveling Witch Academy Subscription

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