Do you want to turn your home into a magical sanctuary but don’t know where to start?

Despite what you may think, domestic witchcraft is not only for homemakers or women. It is just as applicable to male witches and people with active professional lives. Likewise, you do not have to own your home to practice domestic witchcraft. Whether your home is a single-family house, a rented apartment, a 6th floor walk-up in Brooklyn, or a van that you’re driving on a cross-country adventure, your home is your home. No matter what kind of home you have, domestic witchcraft can be used to create a magical sanctuary for yourself.

If you're ready to learn how to use magic to optimize your home and use your home to optimize your magic, then this is the course for you.

Your home is the seat of your power. It’s where you live, rest, play, and do your magic! Getting in touch with the inherent magic of your home can have amazing benefits to your magical practice. Just think about how much more effective your spells could be if you had the spirit of your home on your side. Or how much more peaceful your house could be when you use witchcraft in your domestic life.

With this course you get:

>> An in-depth look at what domestic witchcraft is and the many ways that it can fit into your practice

>> Tons of ways to bring magic into your home with hearth magic, kitchen magic, magical cleaning, and so much more

>> A look at how the spirit of your home can supercharge your magical practice!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • What Is Domestic Witchcraft?

  • 2

    Your Home

    • The Power Of Your Home

    • The Hearth

    • House Spirits

  • 3

    Kitchen Witchcraft

    • Kitchen Witchcraft

    • Your Relationship With Food

    • Herbs & Recipes

    • Choosing Recipes For Magical Purposes

    • Enchanting Your Cooking Utensils

  • 4

    Cleaning Magic

    • The Magic Of Cleaning

    • All-Purpose Disinfectant Spray/Wash

    • Shower Cleaner

    • Magical Floors

    • Doors & Windows

  • 5

    Home Protection

    • Home Protection Magic

    • The Challenges Of Modern Witchy Living

    • The Containment Ward

    • Protection & Apartments

    • Home Protection Spell

  • 6

    Holiday Magic

    • Holiday Magic

    • Winter Celebration Potion

    • Simple Crystal Banishing Spell

    • Homemade Incense Bundles

    • Cleansing & Charging Poinsettia Spell

    • Traditional Broom Energy Cleansing

    • The Magic Of Celebration

  • 7

    Beyond Simple Home Magic

    • Your Home Beyond Your House

    • The Seasons

    • A Few More Magical Home Ideas