Wish you could use witchcraft to get more money?

Maybe you've even tried a few money spells but never had good results. Money spells are some of the most difficult magic out there, but for some reason, we treat them like any other spell. It makes no sense! Money magic involves a few key factors that, if not utilized properly, will completely nullify almost any spell you cast, leaving you with no more money than you started with.

If you're ready for your money spells to stop failing and start getting the wealth and abundance that you deserve flowing into your life, then this course is for you.

When you want to use magic to manifest real abundance and wealth, you have to focus on learning the skills and knowledge that will help you to unlock this elusive form of magic. You can't just cast the spell and hope for the best! Money magic requires preparation, careful spellcasting, and a deeper knowledge of how your magic really works than almost any other kind of spell.

With this course you get:

>> An in-depth understanding of why money magic is so hard

>> What you can do to overcome that difficulty in your own money magic

>> The spells, activities, and exercises you need to start casting successful money spells

>> The ability to draw greater wealth, freedom, and abundance into your life whenever you need it!

Ready to get started learning Money Magic?

The Money Magic course is a part of The Traveling Witch Academy. When you become a student, you'll receive access to this and every other class in the Academy for only $11.11/month!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • What is Money Magic?

    • Is Money Positive or Negative?

    • Money: An Energetic Primer

    • Quiz

  • 2

    Fixing Your Money Magic

    • Why Is Money Magic So Hard?

    • Tracking Your Beliefs

    • Stop Trying To Win The Lottery & Start Playing The Odds

    • Fixing Your Money Mindset

    • Shadow Working Your Money Magic

    • A Few Words About Debt

    • Bootstrapping Your Money Magic

    • Quiz

  • 3

    Money Spells

    • Find Your Passion: Compass Spell

    • New Job: The Ventana Spell

    • Advancement At Work: Dirty Quartz Spell

    • Pennysaver

    • Moolah Powder

    • Daily Abundance Ritual

    • Money Jar

    • Jupiterian Pot Of Gold Spell

    • Special Oil #20

    • Resume Candle Spell

    • A Graveyard Prosperity Spell

    • A Prosperity Candle Spell

    • Prosperity Oils

    • Money Attraction Jar

    • Success Attraction Jar