Need Help?

This page is where you can find answers to all of the most common problems that people encounter here at the Academy. Check to see if your question is answered here and if not, send me an email at!


  • When I try to cancel my account the billing page says I don't have a subscription.

    This is because your account is still being charged through our old Academy platform. I'm working on a more elegant solution but for now, please email me at and I will process your cancelation personally and send you a confirmation email. Please allow a few days for processing!

    (This only applies to students who joined the Academy before November 2020. If you joined after that, you can cancel on the My Account page using the Billing tab.)

  • I have a subscription but I can't access courses! What gives?

    You may be looking at courses on the "All Courses" page or the "Learn Witchcraft" tab. These only contain the course overviews. To access your courses, head to the My Dashboard tab in the header menu.

  • Where the hell do I start?

    Great question! There is SO much available here at the Academy and I know it can be overwhelming. The best way to start is with the Start Here tab above. After that, check out the "Your Learning Path" course to help you figure out which courses you want to start with.